Who am I?

Since the news came out that I had been signed by Crooked Cat as an author with a book to be released at the end of the year, I have received kind words and support from so many people. From family, friends, those people on Facebook who you would probably avoid making small-talk with in the street, and most surprisingly, other authors. As a closet writer, I didn’t know other authors until they reached out with kind words and messages of support. It’s been thoroughly overwhelming, and I’m not the sentimental type. Truthfully, I was worried I would be instantly dismissed as not worthy of being a writer, and avoided. Why would busy, talented writers take time out of their day, to send someone like me well wishes?

I am not a someone. I am not successful. I’m going to say this and I do not want pity: I don’t have many friends. Especially friends my own age. Growing up, friendships were always very turbulent and always ended in heartache and betrayal. As a result, I find it difficult to trust people, to trust that they really like me. I am always convinced that I am not really wanted and that I am spoken badly about behind my back. I doubt myself. I am doubting myself right now.

The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five is about a lot of things. On the surface, it’s fairly tongue-in-cheek and superficial. It has a lot of humour, if I do say so myself. But it also addresses subjects such as friendships, insecurity, jealousy and sense of self.

Having a publishing deal has so far exceeded all expectations. The support that has come from it has given me the confidence to think well, I might not be a someone, but I am someone.



(To my new writing friends, thank you.)

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  1. This is beautiful ;). I hope you be a successful author. I don’t know you until 5 minutes ago, i have been reading all your posts and i loved them:)) and I’m sure that I’m gonna love your book 💞 have a beautiful day, just like you, Kate 😉

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