I’m not going to tell you to buy my book.

I like writing. I thoroughly enjoyed writing my book. It was thrilling and it consumed me and I was transported to a world of my own making with friends I had made up. When I was writing my book, I never really imagined much would come of it. I thought I might release it as an ebook, maybe under a pseudonym and then I would move on and write another book.

Now that I have a publishing contract, I have to make a go of it and try to bring in an audience for it. It makes sense, of course, but as an introvert and someone who doesn’t like to make a fuss of things, I find it hard. The last thing I want to do is be that author who fills social media with ‘buy my book’.

So how do I encourage people like you to buy my book, without telling you to? I don’t want you to buy my book because I’ve told you to. But I do want you to buy my book if you like the sound of it based on the blurb and the cover art and from what I tell you about it on here. I want you want to dive in to the world I’ve created and find out if you identify more with Kylie or Alexa. I want you to report back on how you feel about Zara. I want to know what you would have done in several scenarios in the book. Did they make you think? How do you feel after closing the last page? Uplifted? Sad because I haven’t written a sequel?

And maybe someone would suggest, oh well just release it for free. I can’t do that. A lot of work goes in to publishing a book and not just from my end but from editors, designers and my publishers. It would be a massive injustice. As a reader on the other side, I would sometimes gasp and grumble at the price of books. Because buying one book might not be so bad, but buy a couple or five at once and it soon adds up. But books are incrediblty cheap and excellent value for money if you consider the labour and love that go in to them. They’re usually cheaper than two coffees you’ll buy to drink while you read it.

But it’s your choice what you do with your money and time. When my book comes out on the 28th of December, you’ll likely be off from work, horizontal and stuffed from too much Christmas food. Perhaps you’ll be hiding in your room, annoyed at extended family and still bitter from that tense game of Monopoly. Maybe you’ll be bored stiff, watching yet another repeat on television next to your snoring dad and you’ll remember this blog post and you’ll buy my book to escape. But it won’t be because I’ve told you to do so.


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