Book Cover Reveal!!!

Hey folks,

I’m here to proudly show you the front cover of my book, The Wrong Side Of Twenty-Five!

My original idea for the cover was completely different to how it turned out. I had a vision in my head that didn’t translate well when actually produced (so sorry to my publishing team – I am a pest). We went through a couple of options but none of them felt right. It’s been surprisingly stressful, but it’s over now.

So here it is, without further ado, (dun dun da dun…)


Let me talk you through my thought process…

The Wrong Side Of Twenty-Five is about two friends who are each other’s everything, each other’s world, each other’s universe. Although TWSO25 is about a lot of things, it centres around this strong friendship and I didn’t want to trivialise that with a fluffy, materialistic cover. With that said, I did want it to be a beautiful cover and when a starry backdrop was suggested to me, I was sold. I love how the milkyway cascading down the middle creates two sides, and how the two people holding hands stand either side of that divide. When I look at this cover I see two people taking on the universe, side by side.

It wasn’t what I imagined, but once I saw it, I knew it was right. What do you think of it?



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