The calm before the storm.

Hi folks.

With three months to go until my book release, things will soon be gearing up. Right now, it’s the calm before the storm. My edits are done and once my cover is fully finalised, I will be printing leaflets/postcards/bookmarks and other book merch to distribute.

Recently I put a request out to my friends to help me form a street team to spread the word about my book. My friends did not disappoint, and soon my book advertisements will be spread over England as well as some of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I also have some amazing friends in Germany, America, Australia and elsewhere happy to spread the word. Sometimes I think I’m not very popular, and don’t have many friends, but the truth is I do and I’m grateful. Thank you to everybody who has volunteered to help me.

Recently, my publisher requested that I and other Crooked Cat authors try our hands at Facebook Live. I declined. I know, I’m a total chicken. Other Cats however, took the challenge on with gusto and I’m inspired to give it a go sometime soon. When I do, you’ll find it on my Facebook page, so do make sure you’ve liked my page if for nothing else other than to watch me make an idiot of myself.

In the meantime, life is being a marvellous distraction, although not always in a good way. I won’t bore you any more about it than I have already on Twitter. But hey, the car can break down, the bathroom can flood, and guess what? I’m still an author. Things are good.


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