Blog Tour + Book Review | The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five by Kate Armitage

Amazing review of The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five – thank you so much!

Tale Out Loud

The Wrong Side of Twenty-FiveThe Wrong Side of Twenty-Five by Kate Armitage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Behind every successful woman is herself…,
and beside every successful woman is her best friend.

Kylie Louise Lee thought how her priorities gone wrong. She was decisive, adventurous and have a raw spirit. But at twenty-five, she didn’t still have a solid career, no boyfriend and no mortgage to pay. With her mom, Marie, constantly nagging on her about what kind of life she has, she felt her life was so depressing and thought that she was on the wrong side of twenty-five.

While Alexa Jane Chapman was the complete opposite of Kylie. She was sensible, organised and smart. She was reliable and loved consistency. She was a good friend, always there for Kylie even sometimes she needed to sacrifice her own time and happiness to make her feel better.

But when Alexa’s life was…

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