Close, but no cigar.

In my last blog post, I talked about how being longlisted for WriteNow changed my out look on writing competitions. I also talked about my budget for writing competitions which is, in technical terms, diddly squat. For this post, I set myself the task of finding free and cheap writing competitions that I plan on entering. Easy right?


To be honest, I thought it would be as simple as letting Google do all the work.


I waded through many websites offering lists of writing competitions, but most offered the usual mainstream competitions. I’m talking about the likes of The Bridport Prize and The Bath Novel Award. It’s all very well and good but for example The Bath Novel Award costs £25 per entry and I cannot justify that. I did find a mainstream competition that has free entry, the Writers and Artists Working-Class Writer’s Prize which is not only judged by working-class power house Natasha Carthew, but looks like a fantastic opportunity for a working-class writer with low funds. Unfortunately (or, fortunately, depending on which way you look at it), I cannot enter as I am already a published author (but if you are an unpublished, working class writer, then what are you waiting for?!).

There are other competitions I cannot enter due to being a published author (woe is me) such as The Blue Pencil Agency First Novel Award 2019 (entry fee £20 and open until May 31st), as it’s only open to unrepresented and unpublished authors, and for the same reason but infinitely more heartbreakingly, the Creative Future Writer’s Award. Not only is it for working-class writers and free to enter, but judged by an amazing group including Twitter friend and fellow working-class author Kerry Hudson.

I did find some budget poetry competitions such as with this one by Fly On The Wall Poetry. The competition is called Planet In Peril and wants poems to raise awareness for climate change. Entry fees are free for under 18s, £3 for students and low wage earner and £5 for adults. There’s also The Marsden the Poetry Village Competition, open until June 1st and judged by Patience Agbabi. The theme is “together” and entries are £4 for one poem for £10 for three poems.

The price is right, but the problem is…


So what now? Give up? Never! The search continues. Have you found any?


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