The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five

The Wrong Side Of Twenty-Five is my debut-novel, out December 28th 2017. It will be published by Crooked Cat Books and available as an ebook and paperback through Amazon and other online stores.

The Wrong Side Of Twenty-Five is a piece of contemporary fiction set in England. It follows the lives of Kylie and Alexa who have been best friends since the first day of university when they were both late for their first class, although for entirely different reasons. Alexa was overwhelmed and needed a moment to recover, while Kylie had simply slept in. After running all the way there, she skidded in to a bewildered, eighteen-year-old Alexa. She flashed Alexa a grin and guided her in to class where they sat side by side.

Seven years later and not much has changed. But, as Kylie discovers during her twenty-fifth birthday tea party at her mum’s house, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Kylie leaves with a slice of caterpillar cake and a heap of self-doubt. Is she where she should be at twenty-five? In the same entry-level job she took as a graduate, with no boyfriend and none of the other milestones that are filling up her social media. Alexa disagrees. Everything is just as she likes it and she doesn’t want it to change. But then everything does change, and as Kylie scrambles to reinvent herself, Alexa is finding everything fall in to place without really trying. As they inch worlds apart, will they manage to stay side by side?


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