About Me

Kate Armitage – author bio:

Kate Armitage is twenty-eight years old and author of debut novel The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five. As a wife and mother of two, writing is how she unwinds and makes time for herself. Kate is passionate about writing in the name of “making time for herself”, especially when the kids are driving her up the walls.

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How I came to be an author.

When I was 24, I was tired of the career path I had fallen in to and secured an interview to start an apprenticeship in something new. I was turned down, mid-interview, once the interviewer did the maths and discovered I would be 25 before I would actually start the apprenticeship, the cut off being 25. Then, after 6 terrible months in a new job within my one and only career path, I was fired with the reason ‘you’re not a good fit’. Too old for an apprenticeship, and apparently incompatible with the only job I had experience in, I had officially hit rock bottom. Worse than that, I had hit an existential crisis. I had no idea who I was or I wanted to do. Well, except to be a writer, although it wasn’t realistic. Publishing gigs didn’t happen to people like me. I had no experience, no degree and knew no one in the industry. But with nothing better to do, I figured I would write, and actually finish something instead of writing half a novel and leaving it to fester in my hard-drive.

And here I am today, 28 years old, and a published author. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. It happened to the workingclass girl with no degree who wasn’t a ‘good fit’.