The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five is my debut novel, published by Crooked Cat.

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Best before twenty-five?

With newsfeeds full of perfect pouts, hot-dog legs, and the self-proclaimed hashtag-blessed, it’s hard not to feel inadequate. How has everyone figured out how to live their best life, except you?’

That’s what Kylie wants to know. She thought she would spend her twenty-fifth birthday having a mini-break – not a mini-breakdown! After an evening of finger-food and snide remarks, Kylie decides that things must change. 

Naturally, Alexa disagrees. She doesn’t think anything needs to change at all, and is quite happy plodding along with her best friend by her side. 

So, when everything changes for the better for Alexa – while it’s going from bad to worse for Kylie – will it tear them apart?

Praise for The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five