An exclusive treat coming your way!


How’s life treating you? Great? Good if you ignore the political shit storm? Could be better? Well, hold on to your hats either way, because I have a treat for you!

When my debut novel, The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five, came out in December, I experienced a mixture of feelings. Needless to say I was thrilled. It was a dream come true for me. All the hard work had finally paid off and now I’m a published author at 27. It’s a huge accomplishment and something I’m very proud of. But once the initial elation wore of, all I could think was: what next?

I have a few ideas in mind for my next novel, but I don’t feel completely finished with the universe that holds Kylie and Alexa. I’m not satisfied that I’ve reached out to enough people and I don’t think my book has been given the chance it deserves. But marketing is hard. There’s only so many times you can shout in to the abyss that is social media and tell everyone to buy your book. Why should you buy my book? You don’t know me. You don’t know my writing style.

I was expressing these concerns to my good friend Heidi one day and she suggested that I write a prequel to The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five. It seemed the perfect solution because I could hang out with Kylie and Alexa, and have some fun writing about when they first met. We also decided that I would not only release it for free, but release it as a series on this website.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two months and from May I will be posting two chapters per week of what is currently titled The Right Side of Twenty-Five (seemed the obvious choice) on this very website for you all to read. At the end, I will format it as an ebook on Amazon, with the first two chapters of The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five at the end in the hopes that it will whet your appetite and that you will have no other option but to download The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five also to find out what happens next.

I will be welcoming comments, thoughts and opinions on The Right Side of Twenty-Five each week as well as questions about myself or The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five. It’s pretty terrifying putting your writing out there, so support would be appreciated.

See you soon!


Kate x