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January is seriously never going to end, right? There’s either two days left, or infinity…

It’s been just over a month since publication day and it’s been crazy. This would be a great time to use that rollercoaster analogy but I hate that damn analogy. Mostly, I’ve been so happy and content if not occasionally dipping in to despair when my Amazon ranking sinks. I feel like from now on until my dying day; my self-worth will directly correlate with my bloody Amazon ranking. I’m now a neurotic author and tortured artist. Goals, or what?

I’m happy to report that The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five has had great reviews so far. In fact, I’m waiting for my first bad review, which I believe is some sort of author milestone. Just kidding, please don’t give me a bad review. I never realised before just how important reviews are to authors. If you’ve read a book and have a remotely positive opinion on it, please please please put it as a review! I have now sworn to review every book I read. Speaking of, have you read The Wrong Side of Twenty-Five yet?

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