Publication month!

This month, I become a published author. Holy shit.

I signed my publishing contract at the beginning of July and back then, December 28th seemed a million years away but now that I’m here I can tell you that it has flown by.

I think one of the reasons it has flown by is that I’ve been so busy with editing, choosing cover art (and then choosing new cover art *ahem*) and finding an endorser (the amazing Aimee Brown, author of Little Gray Dress). Not to mention writing my official blurb, author bio, acknowledgements and dedication. I’ve had to learn about being on the other side of Amazon and Goodreads. It’s been overwhelming. Luckily, many authors, not just Crooked Cat authors but many more, have welcomed me in to the fold and have given me priceless information on everything which has been a huge help. They understand all that I’m going through.

Because being a published author is not just time consuming but all-consuming and life-changing. This is who I am now. The day I signed my publishing contract, I became reborn.

So what have I been up to recently in the run up to publication? I have just been featured on Oh! What a Palova author Isabella May’s website. We talk about writing tips and Bruce Bogtrotter. You can find the interview here.

I have also been in the local press this week which was a strange experience. 24254771_288704921639345_492675861585381805_o

I have just done an amazing giveaway on my Facebook page. Well done Imogen Hope Merrick for winning these amazing prizes.


And I pleasantly found myself at number 5 on the Hot New Releases Chart on in British Humour and Satire!


And looking to the future, I am trying to psyche myself up to do a Facebook Live firstly. And I am also getting ready to go on my book blog tour. If you are a book blogger and want in, I would love that. Sign up here! The more the merrier!


So that’s it for now. I hope you’re feeling festive and I hope you have a good Christmas. And when the presents have been opened and you’re down to Bounties in the celebrations tub and your weird uncle has outstayed his welcome, my book will be out and you’ll have a perfect excuse to get some quiet time and escape in to Kylie and Alexa’s world.

You can pre-order now! It’ll be in your kindle/hands before you know it!’





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